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This is a house wife aged 28 and mother of two girl children ages 5&3.Her husband a good business executives who have to travel a lot and has to go out early in the morning and reach home in the late night. Their marriage was a love marriage and they were staying at the husband’s house in the beginning and later shifted to her house and then they took a rental home near Cherthala and later took another rental home just a km away from my clinic.She used to manage the house hold affairs very well.

Once they came to my clinic for the consultation of their first child who have a history of recurring asthma attacks treated with allopathic medicines and while tracing the case it was found that the couple used to have quarrels every now and then and I have a discussion with both of them separately and was able to cure that case with Tuberculinum and then the second one who has the same asthma was cured by Silicia. And what I did was make a friendship with them and gradually, once when she gets a Migrane she came to me for the treatment and I was able to cure it in a short time as I know her very well.The reason for changing the house regularly was that, whenever they quarrel one another their parents interface and then they used to advice her saying like this “he is working the whole day for you and it is your duty to keep away from this kind of quarrels”. The same is happed at her house also. Her parents always criticized her for the same and adviced her not to quarrel with the husband.. She doesn’t like this kind of advices and that forced them to shift to the rental home. She was quarrels for simple things,eg some time when the husband smoke a cigarette, some time for as he is doing his office work in the night etc,She feel like he is neglecting her.He never appreciate her for the work. While reaching home may be busy with phone calls from office or from his family members or friends and it may last for some time.. She shout like this’oh you get time to talk to your friends and family members and no time to talk to me”.
So gave her the 1M Potency of the medicine and didn’t give any advice. And gave some advice to the husband.
The result was excellent and after some months later she came to me and expressed her interest to go for another child and what was the trouble that prevent them from this idea, was that in the previous editions of her pregnancy she has developed diabetes and had to undergo insulin therapy and she wants an assurance from me that it can be managed by Homoeopathic medicine .Given her the confidence to protect against diabetes and she got pregnant and gave her medicine .Being a happy news they decided to inform the news to their parents and in the night they visited her parents and she rushed to the mother and informed the happy news and suddenly the mother was shocked. On the spot the mother asked like this “oh already two girls and how we can manage another one ?so tomorrow morning we can meet a famous gynaecologist who is an expert in abortion” Do you know what happened next? On the spot she packed everything and left the house even without taking any food which was specially prepared for them. And on the way she purchased some bread and had it when they reached the house at about midnight As far as she is concerned this pregnancy is like her first pregnancy.
And at the 7th month she developed diabetes and the gynaecologist advised to undergo insulin therapy and which she rejected and then reported that to me and then gave her the same medicine 1M Potency and when she visited the gynaecologist next month it was found that the diabetes bad gone and the doctor thought that she was taking insulin and then only she report about the Homoeopathic treatment and then the gynaecologist agreed to continue with Homoeopathic medicine and after that she never had diabetes and later she delivered a boy child in a normal delivery.
In-between there was a PSC examination for teaching assistant and she performed well and after the delivery of the boy child nearly after one year she to got appointment as a school teacher and joined the duty at Kasargodu and later settled there. Before going to Kasargodu one day She came to me and told that it was the first time she enjoyed the pregnancy and motherhood.Yes it was true, at the previous editions of pregnancies she was under tremendous stress and she was simply doing things without enjoying .But this time the Homoeopathic medicine gave her the counselling she required,and not the doctor. This is why we say Homoeopathic medicine as super councillors.Some 10 years ago I wrote an article called “Homoeopathic medicine as super Councillors.” at IHK’s newsletter.
Now you can comment on the medicine.



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DHMS from Athurasramam N S S Homoeopathic Medical college in 1983 and private practice in my village from 1985 by name Jaya Homoeopathic clinic. Completed 30 years on the January 12 th 2016. Former Secretary of IHK Cherthala for 8 years. Former district President of Alapuzha IHK .3. General convenor of Hahnemannian study circle Cherthala since 2010. Faculty at IHK district level and state level. Conducted more than 25 seminars at various locations in Kerala. Took more than 100 Public health awareness campaign classes in Alapuzha district. Published lot of articles at various levels, INDIAN express news paper,various Malayalam magazines and the recently an article on Migrane at Kanyaka bimonthly.


  1. Friends thanks for your comments.
    Let us consider the problems as the Effect. Then what is the Cause? Yes it is intolerance to what? – To advices.
    What about the love? Love accomplished in the in the first time when they married. Then what happened?? The troubles began. For what? For irrelevant things.How long? Since the treatment. Then what it is?. Here it is a long continued love failure. To this let us add the Elimination Rubric ie “Ailments from contradiction” then we can arrive at the similimum ie IGNATIA. This is the reason why I didn’t advice her.If you look at Boriek we can see on the introductory part it is written “quick to perceive and rapid in execution .This is why she ran away from her house when her mother advised her to have an abortion.
    Congratulations to you Tineke van der Werff,and Archana Vyas, for your right prescription.

  2. She had a feeling of “being forsaken”. So, remedy may be Natrum mur.
    But may i know the name of that medicine??

  3. Sepia can  be probable medicine. Her way of doing family things as a responsibility and burden but not out of affection. When she gets the affection part aroused in her, she started enjoying the same family chores. Joining a job even increases her burden, yet she accepted. 

    Very nice cure sir. Thank you for posting. Eagerly awaiting for your answer

  4. My constitutional remedy is ignatia I have just been told. Already much better, less lethargic.


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