WESSON MEMORIAL HOSPITAL, Springfield, Massachusetts

Wesson Memorial Hospital

The Wesson Memorial Hospital was established in 1900 by Daniel B. Wesson, one of the co-founders of Smith & Wesson.  His home and factory weren’t too far away from here, and near the end of his life he began several charities, including this hospital.  The building hasn’t changed much, and even the fence along the sidewalk is still there.

It is still a hospital, although Wesson Memorial merged with the Medical Center of Western Massachusetts in 1976 to form Baystate Medical Center, one of the largest employers in Massachusetts.

70 Beds. Number of patients treated during last fiscal year, 639. Mortality rate, 5.9%. Valuation of property, $500,000.

This is one of the finest hospitals of the homœopathic school of medicine. Its architectural features are perfect. It is entirely homœopathic in management and staff. A training school composed of thirty-six students is connected therewith. A nurses’ home is separate from the main hospital. Physicians of the allopathic school are permitted to bring and treat cases, but these are not enumerated above.

Wesson Memorial Hospital Springfield, MA
Wesson Memorial Hospital Springfield, MA




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