The following twenty-one remedies have THIRST in the first or second degree :

This rubric is common to many disease conditions and to many remedies. If there is nothing to account for the thirst it is an important symptom, but if the patient is running a high temperature, or is working in the heat, or has a disease like diabetes it would be a common thing for him to be thirsty, and under such circumstances your symptom of thirst would have no place in your symptom picture.

Your leaders for general and particular thirst symptoms will be:

Aconite has a burning, unquenchable thirst and desires bitter drinks, wine, brandy and beer.

Arsenicum, wants cold water a little and often ; burning, unquenchable, thirst during sweat; desires acids, coffee, milk, wine, beer and brandy.

Bryonia, has a great thirst with internal heat; wants large drinks at long intervals; warm drinks relieve.

Calcarea carb., has a thirst which drinking does not relieve, worse at night; desires cold drinks and acids.

Chamomilla, has thirst for cold water and weakness and nausea after drinking coffee ; toothache relieved by hot water; desires acids.

China, has thirst before or after chill and during sweat; wants to drink little and often.

Digitalis, has a continuous thirst with dry lips ; desires sour and bitter drinks.

Mercurius, has a moist tongue with burning thirst for cold drinks.

Natrum mur., has a constant thirst without desire to drink, w^orse in the evening; longing for bitter, sour things and for milk, with aversion
to coffee.

Phosphorus wants very cold drinks; his stomach is relieved by them until they become warm, when they are vomited. Desire for refreshing drinks, with aversion to boiled milk, coffee and tea.

Rhus tox. has a dry throat at night and wants only cold drinks.

Silica, has want of appetite but excessive thirst ; desires cold drinks.

Sulphur, drinks much and eats little; violent thirst for ale and beer.

Veratrum alb., wants everything ice cold, little and often ; desires cold drinks.

The following remedies will be of use when their particular thirst is present :

Arnica, has a thirst for cold water without fever; constant desire for vinegar.

Belladonna, great thirst, but drinking suffocates ; desires lemonade.

Hyoscyamus, has a dread of water; unquenchable thirst with inability to swallow.

LachesiSy constant thirst, but is afraid to drink ; disgust for drink.

Nux vom. has thirst during chill ; in morning ; desire for beer and brandy.

Nitric acid, violent thirst in the morning.

Podophyllum, great thirst for large quantities of cold water. Desires sour things.






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