So what happens when you consult a Homeopath


So what happens anyway?

You will need time.
We go over everything. There isn’t anything that is not important.
We will talk. A lot.
I spend time getting to know you.
I want to know all of you.
Your childhood.
Recurrent infections.
Physical symptoms.
Sleep patterns.
Past traumas.
Shocks, losses, griefs.
How you feel about things.
What foods you like, not like.
When things are worse or better.
What your fears are.
Anxieties, depressions.
It’s not the symptoms that are of importance but how you experience them.
You are a beautiful dance, meshing of all these parts of you.
Your body + mind + heart + soul.
All of the information I collect helps me choose the correct homeopathic remedy.
I send you this remedy with instructions on how and when to take.
I will do a check in after a few weeks.
You will let me know if anything changes.
Or if you have any questions.
Then a followup occurs to assess.
To see how you are changing.
To see if any modifications need to be made.
Communication is very important.
You are like an onion. Layers removing.
As you change, so can your remedy.
Homeopathy is like VIP healing.
It’s individualized for you.
A consultation is tailored for you.
The remedy is specific for you.
The remedy treats you not your illness or symptom.
Homeopathy is medicine for the mind + body + soul.
Homeopathy gets deep within.
Within all parts of you.
Creating harmony once again.
You know how to heal.
I as a homeopath support this process.
You are the leader.
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