Painful periods


Mother came with daughter and said, ” See Dr, my daughter of 14 yrs suffers from very painful periods on the 1st day only and when her menses begin, the cramps start to come in her abdomen, pain in her thighs and gradually she starts shivering and starts getting cold and colder and she starts sweating on the upper lip, and almost faints into sleep, with a hot water bottle, some warm covering (these days only, onset of winters) and with a tab of Meftal spas, even then, 3 -4 hrs later she has to take another tab of Meftal spas, and by 2nd day she feels better, and today is her 1st day of the menstrual cycle, see she has started to get cold and shivering has begun, please give her a good medicine. ” Now friends, can anyone of you rescue her in this condition? Aparna Singh ILH 6th Nov 2012




  1. I am not a doctor but I would try Veratrum Album or Stramonium. I had the same, but worse, with tremours, extreme fear of dying, sweating all over, even on my legs (!), while shivering with cold, odd heartbeat, vomiting, fainting and urgent need to go to the toilet at the same time. It was preceded by dark dreams with doom and death. I assume in my case it was a subconcious. partial reliving of the death of my womb twin – which was re-ignited by my own menses. When I read about the fainting and sweating: I would try those.
    Veratrum Album was officially that what should have worked, but it somehow did not, or not sufficiently. By taking Stramonium now (7 years after my last menses) I realise that this might have actually been remedy for me then. Every menstruation is a mini shock and a reconnecting with the cycle of death and life. If death has been present in the life of a child, e.g. by having a vanishing twin in the womb, I would not be surprised that this causes menstruation problems later in life.
    Obviously one would need to check several other points when subscribing Stramonium, it is a pretty heavy medicine.
    What did you subscribe?


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