‘Mind: Jealousy’


Hyoscyamus and Lachesis are both listed in super bold type in the rubric: ‘Mind, Jealousy’.

In your opinion, how would each of these remedies express their jealous feelings differently ?




  1. Treat patients according to their spiritual mental and physical symptoms not according to only picture of the remedies . Have to look at the big picture overall issues.

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  3. Article any fool can make but the knowledge is beyond everything; which must be the criterial factor of achievement which will only last even after your death

  4. Guessing is a doubtful character to patients n no one will go ahead with you

  5. What you say is: like you about an immatured child which you have to ignores.So what l said is perfect n no more challenge.

  6. Kate here: I would say that Hyos would tends more to hide her jealousy and may brood suspiciously, withdrawing, hiding it ….. to a point, then when it gets too much, boom ! it all comes out in a violent rage- and it gets really nasty! I have also seen the jealousy in Hyos expressed in a comical/ridiculous behavior- for example the child is jealous when mum is talking to someone else and plays the fool and even strips naked to get attention.
    With Lachesis the jealousy may be concealed behind a clever weaving of words, there is a lot of manipulation, she is sharp tongued. I have seen Lach jealousy expressed outwardly with tremendous competitiveness; she wants to upstage the person she is jealous of.

  7. APIs mel. The best remedy.But now every one is jelous n destructive. How far med. can work .pray to GOD

  8. I guess….Lachesis’s jealousy is very deep seated, they may not show it but always remember and attack at the least possible opportunity at the most sensitive and vulnerable point of their rival…

  9. Our very strong belief and trust on homeopathy system of preventive medicine and treatment.


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