“Over the past year Debby has ​slowly reduced ​her online activity and any activism in world affairs, including homeopathy​, to take time for self care. She says​ it has been hard ​not to be so involved in social networking, blogging and interaction with friends, especially as government leaders and legal system​s move to restrict freedom of information and ​civilian​ activities​. She hopes that more young and old will do what they can to protect and heal our world. ​She ​pray​s​ that ​the efforts of ​courageous people ​to ​unite together through inspiration, ​wisdom, ​word and deed ​can move in us all in a new direction for the betterment of humanity.​”​

Debby Bruck began her interest in homeopathy in 1988 when her husband ordered a box of alternative healing books that would be fitting for a naturopath’s study curriculum​. She began to read and never put down those books. It resonated with her entire being and ​thus ​began t​he​ journey to ​assist ​her children ​recover from asthma, allergies and continuous infections​ without the use of drugs or getting stuck in the medical system.

Through a series of events, Debby began a number of projects, one leading on to the next, which involved spreading the word about the benefits and healing potential of homeopathy. She completed courses from many teachers and masters beginning with Manfred Muller, Melissa Burch, Jenny Hwozdek, Robin Murphy, Dr Morrison and Nancy Herrick, Dr Bhawisha and Shachindra Joshi, Dr Ramakrishnan, Dr Will Taylor, Jeremy Sherr, Kim Elia, and many more. Debby attended many conferences and workshops over the past 20 years.

​With her Master’s degrees in both education, plus art and graphic design, she opened the website Homeopathy World Community in 2009 to encourage homeopaths to communicate with each other, share their knowledge, get information to the public and develop computer skills and become familiar with the internet. It seems like a long time ago ​when people were afraid of hitting the wrong button on their desktop computer for fear the system would crash. Computers and laptops have become much more user friendly!

As communication programs grew, Debby jumped into action with audio and video broadcasting on weekly BlogTalkRadio shows and “The Health Inn” live video shows, providing as much information and inspiration as possible to get people motivated to act in local, state, country and international events, classes, learning and sharing the priorities of healing the planet through homeopathy and natural medicine. She also made efforts to announce supportive projects to help other homeopaths or well wishers to move homeopathy forward. One such project helped film maker Laurel Chiton gain donations to complete her documentary, “Just One Drop.”

Debby believes our small successes will change the world. Each person who tells their personal story builds the documentary history of homeopathy and encourages others who have never heard of homeopathy to try it. People have begun to question the status quo in medicine and want to become self empowered. Homeopathy can help free us in this way.

Debby says, “Dr Herbert Roberts made the greatest impact upon me! Of course, I was introduced to “The Man” physician Dr Samuel Hahnemann who discovered the mysteries of homeopathic remedies using the power of similars, the minimum dose and potentization reading his “Materia Medica” and the aphorisms. But, when I read each chapter of ‘The Principles and Art of Cure by Homeopathy’ over the BTR show, I felt that Dr Roberts’ writings changed my belief system and way of thinking about the body and its interrelated nature to the environment. I have gained much faith in the possibilities of homeopathy to cure in all matter of acute and chronic disease through reading, studying and experience with remedies. Dr Aadil Chimthalawala Kasim, who broadcast a health series, amazed me with his knowledge of remedies to heal all kinds of severe illnesses, including heart disease. Dr Usmani taught me to dig deeper when selecting remedies using his poetic language and philosophical view. Dr Rafeeque used imagery and laughter to bring home the importance of using our senses in medicine. Dr Rajneesh instilled hope in healing through his massive collections of information. Kaviraj introduced me to the use of homeopathy for plants and other living organisms. Four years broadcasting with Alan Phillips showed me the power of perseverance, as Alan focused and zeroed in on the nature of vaccinations. Iman Navab highlighted my day with historical photographs, biographies and reviews. There are so many people who influenced me, that I can’t name them all. Everyone who treads to go beyond the edge of convention leads me to expand my thinking.”

Homeopathy will continue to grow, simply because truth can shine through any darkness. Homeopathy can be transmitted from generation to generation. Homeopathic remedies are all around us and can be made simply by any person with the knowledge and know-how. I want to thank all those who have befriended me over the years, who have become like family including Dr Deepak Sharma and Kavitha Kukunoor, who have sent well wishes as we spread the love of homeopathy that we have in our hearts and minds. We are all connected in spirit, when this concept becomes unavoidable and maybe painfully obvious, our universe will change.

You can follow her “Health Inn” Live Video Show
Listen to Radio Show
Her Homeopathic World community which is exhaustive and very informative.




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