Brain Tumor- Casestudy 2 –

A case of brain tumor treatment by Dr. Prasanta Banerji


Name:PD (a.k.a TM)
Age:23 years (22.02.2007)
Duration of illness:7 months
Date of first visit: 22.02.2007
Chief complaints: Headache off and on, occasional nausea with vomiting and convulsions since the last 7-8 months.
Past History, if any: Nil
Initial Observations:

EEG Report dated 24.06.2006, “…Generalised cerebral dysrhythmias – inter seizure pattern…”

CT scan Brain dated 11.07.2006, “…FINDINGS: Posterior fossa structures do not reveal any significant abnormality. Basal subarachnoid cisterns, sylvian fissures and cortical sulci are normal. Third and both lateral ventricles are normal with septum in the midline.

A well defined hypodense SOL (23 X 24 X 24 mm.) with calcified margin but no appreciable peripheral edema is visible in the medial aspect of the temporal lobe (left).

IMPRESSION: Parasellar (left) SOL – ?dermoid – ?? low grade glioma…”

MRI of brain dated 25.08.2006 showed, “…MRI of brain reveals a well defined cystic lesion measuring 21.89 Tr. X 18.56 AP x 17.30 S.I. at left medial temporal lobe adjoining choroids fissure displacing the fissure superiorly. There is mild perilesional oedema & mass effect in the form of effacement of adjoining perimesencephalic cistern & compression of left cerebral peduncle. On GRE, there are few hypointense foci favouring calcification / bleed. On contrast study, there is bright peripheral enhancement.

Impression: Contrast M.R.I of brain reveals a peripherally enhanching lesion at left medial temporal lobe with mass effect.

The possibilities are

i) Ganglioglioma / Gangliocytoma;

ii) PNET

iii) Abscess. …”

Stereotactic biopsy (Slide No. 5140/04) report – “ASTROCYTOMA GR-II OF IV”.

Observations during treatment:

CT scan dated 24.11.2007, “…IMPRESSION : Review study shows the left parasellar lesion has regressed in size (23mm x 24mm x 24mm on 11.07.2006 as against 18mm x 14mm x 24mm today)…”

Complication during treatment if any :Nil


A young lady aged about 23 years came to us on 22.02.2007 suffering from headache, nausea, vomiting and convulsions since the last 7–8 months. Her initial observation CT scan Brain on 11.07.2006, “…showed a well defined hypodense parasellar (left) SOL (23x24x24mm.) ?Low Grade Glioma…..”

MRI of Brain done on 25.08.2006 – “……Contrast MRI of brain revealed a peripherally enhanching lesion at left medial temporal lobe with mass effect measuring 21.89 x 18.56 x 17.30mm.? Ganglioglioma….”

Stereotactic biopsy report – “ASTROCYTOMA GR-II OF IV”.

During our treatment her follow up observation like CT scan brain on 24.11.2007 “…..Review study shows the left parasellar lesion has regressed in size (23 x 24 x 24mm on 11.07.2006 as against 18 x 14 x 24mm)….”

Within 9–10 months of our homeopathic treatment there is marked improvement in her health and symptoms enabling her to lead a normal life.

Visit Dates:

22.02.2007, 24.03.2007, 28.04.2007, 22.05.2007, 23.06.2007, 21.07.2007, 06.08.2007, 22.08.2007, 28.09.2007, 29.10.2007, 28.11.2007, 22.12.2007, 28.01.2008.

Homeopathic Medicines Used:
Ruta Graveolens 6c, two doses daily, Calcarea Phosphorica 3X two doses daily

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