Allentown State Hospital, Pennsylvania


The Allentown State Hospital, located at 1600 Hanover Avenue, Rittersville, Hanover Township, Lehigh County, Pennsylvania (see map below), was the first homeopathic hospital in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and was originally called the Pennsylvania Homeopathic Hospital for the Insane. The Germantown Homeopathic Medical Society of Philadelphia appointed a committee of twelve of its members, lead by Committee Chairman Isaac W. Heysinger, M.D., to introduce a bill before the Pennsylvania State Legislature to build a state hospital for the insane that implemented homeopathic procedures and treatments.

The hospital was built on 209 acres of land, located high on the north bank of the Lehigh River, between Allentown and Bethlehem. The property was previously owned by Robert E. Wright, J. Marshall Wright, Thomas Schaadt, William H. Diehl, Matilda Ritter, Mathias Koenig, Joseph L. Stone and the Lehigh Coal & Navigation Company. The cornerstone of the building was laid on June 27, 1904. As a result of a delay in funding from the Commonwealth, the construction of the hospital was not complete until 1912. The hospital, which was built to house 1,000 patients, was designed by Architect Philip H. Johnson, and was architecturally patterned after the Kirkbride block plan.





  1. Thank you for posting the photos of the old homeopathic hospitals in the US. So sad they’re gone. The greedy American Medical Association didn’t want them around because homeopathy gets in the way of profits.


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