Acute rescue

ACUTE RESCUE : A female pug of 5 years, is referred to me by a vet doc (usually it is done at the end stage).
She had pancreatitis 2 yrs ago and again last year, treated/managed by the vet with allop drugs, then this year she had a pseudo pregnancy with mammary glands functional, but empty uterus, the vet was asked ultimately to help to stop the letting down of milk, he gave an injection of Betnesol. Since then the canine hasn’t been keeping well. Her owner/lover/caretaker complains that she gets foul smelling burps, is dull at times, lethargic, with a bloated abdomen, probably fluid in the abdomen(USG not done, but the vet again suspects pancreas dysfunction), passing normal, cylindrical stools, and not drinking too much water , eating less, diet changed to low fat , low protein, as advised by the vet. Rectal temperature fluctuating between 99.4 to 100.7F

Pl rescue her now.