Acidum nitricum

Acidum nitricum Homeopathy

What comes to mind when you think of Acidum nitricum?




  1. Equine sarcoids, discharging and bleeding. The first remedie I used as a homeopath for animals 20 years ago to heal a condyloma of a stallion ;), with big success, it dissapears!

  2. Inflammations of the mucous membrane; Ulcers; Stomatitis; Splinter like pains; Warts; Condylomata

  3. “Pests”. Internal state of dissatisfaction with sluggishness of the circulation system.

  4. All of the above… But also the word pest. The tireless relentless campaigner and litigator. The one who remains convinced of the rightness of their battles.

  5. Each time it depends on the patient, some constitutions tolerate C30, different for others; C6 or 1M, or… is best for other persons, one cannot generalize. Anyway, three pills of the right remedy, in the right potency on the tongue, and in parallel the required dose of the same remedy in water with 3 pills to be diluted and renewed during one, two or three days…. and observe what is basically happening in other “sectors” of the whole patient.

  6. all syphilis disease when together then nitric acid kill then, the urine smells like horse urine,after the stool the pain will appear and also cure he warts ,,all the disease increased at the midnight…….

  7. pain as from splinters. Sticking pains. improvement of all symptoms while riding in a carriage. Blisters and ulcers everywhere. Irritable, hateful, vindictive, headstrong. Hopeless despair. Sensitive to noise, pain, touch, jar. Fear of death. Very sensitive to noise. Violent cutting pains after stools, lasting for hours. Urine: scanty, dark, offensive. Smells like horse’s urine. Short breath on going upstairs. Fetid foot-sweat, causing soreness of toes. Warts, large jagged; bleed on washing. Exuberant granulations. Black pores on face, papules worse on forehead. etc……

  8. Allergy in throat like pins piercing. Acid not.30 plus sil. 30 cure the case.


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