PHILOSOPHY – Dr. James Tyler Kent, said:

“We must think what makes the patient sick; not what causes changes in his liver, his kidneys, and his other organs. When the ignorant reason about pathology, they should correct pathology by the patient, instead of trying to correct the patient from a pathological standpoint. There is no cell or tissue so small that it does not keep its soul and life force in it.

Would you think of curing a tumor? If you would, you misunderstand this grand philosophy.

You may administer a medicine which cures that which is wrong with the patient, and as a result the tumor disappears. The physician is not called upon to cure the results of disease, but the disease itself. All pathological changes must be regarded as the results of disease, since all disease is dynamic.├óÔé¼┬Ø

A valuable lesson from Dr. Kent.




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